I wanna know where da gold at!

Who is deprived of powder right now? Who is finding themselves  grumpy for lack of deep powder turns that we have enjoyed in the past this time of year? It’s not fair, but Mother Nature doesn’t play by anyone’s rules except her own. The iDahomiez have been venturing out in their local mountains in search of shred. The snow is actually really soft, cold, and swoosh; however, it’s really shallow with rocks, stumps, and other base/ a-arm threatening sharks waiting just beneath to surface to strike at the one who wants to lay down an exhilarating turn. So, we either have to play mellow in the back country,  shred Brundage mountain for all it’s worth, slide rails and boxes at Little Ski Hill,  or in Martin Campbell’s case, have a baby. That’s right! Martin Campbell’s wife Thea just had a baby girl on December 29th! Her name is Cora Jae! Congrats!  So, if you see Martin buying diapers at the grocery store, they are for him…and his baby now! Martin did manage to sneak away from his fatherly duties yesterday to go surfing with me. The water was a chilling -.5 degrees celsius, which isn’t ideal water to be emerged in, but with a thick wet suit and all the amenities, a surf can be enjoyable, which it was! We both scored a couple fun rides. This is what the iDahomiez have been up to lately. Our first show of season 3 drops January 23rd featuring the world’s youngest shredder Rohan McClaran!  Happy New Year! Until next time, Stay up! Keep ON! And pray for SNOW!

brandon Becker


Welcome to our world Cora!


Touring Brundage Mountain side country with Martin Campbell


magic j

Stoked to shred Magic J this season!


Oakley Dispatch shades and Banfield jacket. Plus, my newest i-phone accessory… now i need a shoulder mount for olds cool secretary status.


-0.5 degrees Celsius water temp and loving every second of it! Surfing yesterday. Peace wave.


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