Over the past 10 years me and the iDahomiez have been perfecting our snowmobile skills to get us deeper in the backcountry, pushing our abilities, getting stuck, hitting trees, getting in sketchy situations and so forth. Kris Ostness and Brent Benson really took me under their wing during the filming of Teddy Bear Crisis. I had a 94′ Polaris Indy Trail 440. Whip game not so proper for venturing in the Wasatch mountains of Utah. They helped me get unstuck and gave me lots of pointers. Since then, I’ve had several snowmobiles and even managed to burn one to a pile of ashes a week after I bought it. Anywho- even though we can hang with most rippin sled necks now, peculiar situations still happen. This pic of Martin is from when Tanner Hall was sessioning with us. It was the end of the day and Martin went to retrieve his camera gear and tripod so we could all pack up and head out of the mountains. We heard his snowmobile off in the distance and then…. silence. After about 15 minutes our buddy Cory went to check up on him and found him like this! Goes to say that no matter how skilled you are, things still happen! Gotta be on it!DSC02745-1

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